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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the team are more than happy to embroider any garments that you already own. This starts from £5 depending on design size.

Please Note; Embroidery is a mechanical process and there is a very small chance of damage occurring to items being embroidered, although these occurrences are extremely rare. All measures are taken by our team to ensure that equipment is in good working order, and our working area is cleaned on a daily basis. If the garment that you’d like embroidered isn’t suitable for embroidery the team will let you know.

Our team have a number of years experience designing and editing graphics. We are more than happy to edit your logo before it’s embroidered.

Yes, edits to size, colours & even elements of the logo can be changed at your discretion for free post digitization.

Digitization is the process of converting information into a digital format. This allows our Embroidery machine to understand what colour(s) your logo is, how much thread to use, the size of your logo and timing. We have to charge a one off fee of £15 – £25 depending on size, to have your logo set up, this is then saved for future use.

ThreadMill Embroidery cannot be held accountable, and will not replace or offer refunds for any damage caused to garments if the following advice is not followed.

  •   Do not pull any loose threads: if in the event that a thread comes loose, please carefully cut this as short as possible, the thread that’s left will disappear after a couple of washes. If thread is pulled it may damage the design and the garments.

  •  Adhere to all washing instructions printed on the garment labels. ThreadMill Embroidery cannot be held accountable for any damage to products if the washing instructions are not followed.

  • Any backing that is left on the inside can be torn away on selected garments (please check with your order) the backing will come off and soften in the wash.

We have a range of standard text to chose from. Alternatively, if you don’t have a logo and would like one, we’re happy to design one for you at a great price.

We aim for 1 week as standard, this depends on the size of your order and how many orders we have in process.